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"How many would be amazed if they were told that through all that they aspire to - love, riches, glory - after all, it is God they seek"   Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Pure Energy

Pure Energy is a very Intense and Emotional Energetic-Vibrational treatment.

You will experience new states of Consciousness and Ecstatic moments thanks to Frequencies channelled by Andrea.


It is a method that works in depth During and After the meeting.  

The Energy continues to flow within you, Changing you, Releasing memories and pains

and allowing New Awarenesses to emerge.


Pure Energy harmonises body - mind - emotions,

Empowering you to receive Light and Energy

and Recharge you on every level. 


Experience a higher level of Vitality and Happiness and an Emotional Regeneration through Harmonic Frequencies.




"Pure Energy is a Powerful Cleansing and Channelling Experience and an Infusion of Highest Energies.”



How the treatment works?

It is a very Intense and Profound Energetic Experience that will help you Release old emotions.


It is a Powerful Activator of your Subtle Centres that will continue to Work within you even after the session, restoring Harmony and Contact with Yourself.  

The Treatment takes place at a distance, on Zoom, in a small group.

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When booking, you will receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link to connect on the day of your appointment at the pre-arranged time.


I will see you all in the ZOOM room; if I am late, please do not worry; I am probably finishing an other  appointment;

I ask you to wait a few minutes.

I will reach you soon.

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