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Reiki seminars

Reiki with Us

In Life, there is a Before and an After our Reiki Seminar. 

The experience of the Reiki Seminar in our Academy has a very powerful Emotional and Vibrational Impact.

It is an Awakening of the Soul, a Discovery of Love and Energy that were not even imagined possible.

Andrea will guide you on a Deep and Moving Inner Journey,

to release past patterns and emotional baggage.



An Inner Revolution that allows you to be overwhelmed by New Light and Vitality, leading to a True, Unforgettable Rebirth. 


During initiation, Love Energy opens your Heart

and Amplifies through your flesh and around you,

you begin to Vibrate in Perfect Attunement with this Universal Love.



It is Astonishing and Unique, a total state of Grace. 




"If you perceive even a spark of divine love, your joy will be so great, so overwhelming that you will not be able to contain it." 

 Paramahansa Yogananda 

The Gift of Reiki Seminar Together is priceless; it is Knowledge that comes through Experience.

The Experience of feeling the Energy on your flesh,

perhaps for the first time; 


 and Beyond.

By opening the Channels you can give the Gift of Universal Energy that will pass through you;

it is genuinely Wonderful and Touching.

Reiki with Andrea is a Path of Deep Growth that continues with the Intense and Enlightening Second Level.



The contact with the Energy of the Universe

through the Second Level Reiki techniques

will be beyond Space and Time. 



The Energy flowing within you will now be directed to a Work of Healing and Introspection of your shadows and wounds to reach Higher Expansion Heights. 



The Great Connection and Emotion of this Experience Together will remain within you, continuing to act in Time and opening up Synchronicities. 



Those around you will notice your new Light and how much you are flourishing .



The Reiki Seminar Opens the Eye to New Horizons,

new Worldviews and Perceptions of the outside world and of Yourself.



Often the Seminar gift with Wonderful Connections with the Companions,

of True and Profound Friendships

With whom you cherish the memory of an Extraordinary Experience. 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a vibrational practice, an Evolutionary Way that originated in Japan.

The term Reiki means Energy of the Universe, and Do mean Way.

Its significance is the Way of the Universe Energy.


Reiki is an Energy that passes through our Self, our Spiritual part, the Atma.

By becoming aware of the Atma and its Vibration, we come into contact with other Energy Vibrations.

How do you awaken this Energy?

To channel Reiki, it is necessary to attend a Seminar where a Reiki Master initiates you through a Ceremony.



By attending the Reiki Seminar, you realise there is a before and an after in your life.

It will be more than a rebirth.


Because after being initiated, a Transcendental Energy will pass through you, increasing your Sensitivity.


It was through the Reiki course that Sensitivity and my ability to see Holograms were awakened in me at 16. 

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Thanks to Reiki you will be able to:

  • Rebalance yourself, self-treat and feel better all round

  • Work on releasing physical, psychic and emotional traumas, often even subconscious ones

  • Free yourself from negativity and holograms that you have been carrying around inside for so long

  • Start perceiving the state of people around you with whom you are in contact

  •  Help others dissolve deep-seated problems and negativity towards their self-healing 

Who is it for?

To You who have experienced trauma, loss or pain that has stuck with you


To you who are on a path of personal and spiritual growth and are looking for a way to get to know yourself even deeper, who are trying to activate your sensitivity 


To you who have already attended a Reiki seminar but would like a deeper experience


To you who are already sensitive and psychic and wish to raise the level of your vibration


To you who wish to join because you feel called to do so


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The Reiki path

The path involves 4 'operations' performed at four separate times.

In these 4 "operations", the Reiki Master works to open the Channels on your body by placing his hands on you and letting the Energy of the Universe pass through.


After the 4 Initiations, the Energy of the Universe will also flow through you.

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First Level Reiki Seminar

The First Level Seminar is conducted over two days. You will be guided to become aware and conscious of this Universal Energy and how to use it on a physical, psychic and vibrational level. It will be two days of a meaningful journey within yourself. 


You will experience an emptying out of the old things of the past and a rebirth. This is the true gift of the 1st Reiki Seminar.


So if you have suffered physical, psychic or other level traumas in life, Reiki will help to dissolve them.


It will be a genuinely moving experience.

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What do you need to do?

Listen, Trust and Practise.

There are no secrets.


You have to take time for yourself and use this technique as much as possible to increase the level of Energy that can flow through you.


The more you use Reiki, the more these vibrations rise and increase.

The more your channels open, the more Energy flows through.


This phenomenon has been measured by radionics.

An average, healthy person vibrates around 6500-7000 Bovis. After the 4 Reiki Initiations, the person already vibrates ten times more.


Happy Rebirth.

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1st Level Reiki Seminar
with us

What they say about the Reiki Seminar

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