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Torna al menù energia

In India,
at the foothill
of the Himalayas


In August, we will Experience

a Wonderful trip

to charming North India.

This Ancient and Enchanting Land

will unveil itself to our eyes and,

with it, our most Authentic Self. 

We will be transported beyond Time, leaving behind our habits,

we will walk on new stones

and paths full of Sun and Energy, 

Immersed in Incredible Lights and Colours. 

A Transformative and Touching Experience as only India can offer.


Guarda il Documentario "In moto alla Babaji Cave" Seminario India del Nord

The documentary of the Academy in India is at the bottom of the page.


It is a country that has the value of changing western patterns and dissolving our attachments to Welcome something Infinite and allow ourselves to have a genuinely Intense Experience, recognising

the Sacred in every Look and every Gesture.

It is a Journey of Discovery, Friendship, and Lively Spirituality, an Encounter with a Strong, Flourishing Nature and with a Humanity that offers Unexpected and Emotional Experiences.


Guided by Andrea, we will devote ourselves to Profound Self-work, experiencing new High Frequencies and always supported by the Special Energy of the Academy.

It will be a subtle experience and, at the same time, very Concrete. 


An Inner Path that leads you to align increasingly with the Realisation of Yourself beyond the limits of the mind;  

It is a challenge we won together through an Experience of Love shared with Friends who speak and feel the same Language.

These are Journeys of a Lifetime that, through each moment, and every day, become Unforgettable as they are anchored in Experiences of the Heart, 

they create Vivid Emotions and Memories that accompany us forever, continuing to Vibrate with the Strong Frequencies of the places permeated by the Divine where we will work. 


This is why we travel to India with the Academy.



Our Journey will begin

with a Purification Immersed in the Ganges,
where its waters are still uncontaminated and torrential 
before the Sacred River enters the valleys and bathes the cities.

From there,

our Experience in India will begin, washing our Souls and our Thoughts,

enjoying the powerful and intoxicating Force of being close to this Sacred River. 

We will visit Archaeological Wonders and Holy Places,

we will find the Mahasamadi Mandir of two of the most extraordinary Avataras who have ever set foot on Earth,

the master of Yogananda's master, Lahiri Mahasaia, the one who met Babaji and Ananda Moy Ma: 

The master of Yogananda's master,

Lahairi Mahasaia, the one who met Babaji and Ananda Moy Ma: with the Ganges in the background, we will reach the Ashram where Lahairi Mahasaia's Ashes are stored, where we will consecrate our crystal malas taken to the Mahasamadi Mandir of another Divine Being, of a supernatural Sweetness and Grace which was Ananda Moy Ma, the Divine Mother Incarnate. 

That alone would be worth the whole journey, 

but we will go further.

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"Babaji has been chosen by God to remain in the body for the duration of this particular cycle of the world. Ages will follow one another, yet the immortal master, contemplating the drama of the ages, will continue to be present on this earthly stage.

Babaji, by his presence, protects the Earth and helps its evolution. If we become attuned to Him, He will help us on our earthly path." 

Autobiography of a Yogi - Yogananda.