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100 minutes of MUSIC

Andrea Zaupa on vocals and harmonium

Giancarlo Trimboli on the cello

Group of Bhajans and Ivan Testolina.


Cover by Enrica Pasqualini.

Indian Sacred Chants

Meditation is a path to the Higher Worlds and the Infinite within you,

then it is not the only one.

To help you develop your psychic abilities, we also use Bhajans,

the Indian Sacred Chants dedicated to the Cosmic Mother, Shakti, Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva. 

 It is a real ancient vibrational technique.

In the Bhajans, the lead singer chants the names of God or the great Masters, and the choir responds, thus generating an exchange of Energy and, above all, quieting the mind.  

Chanting should be done with the Heart, the Over-Sense and Vibration, with the mind silent.
Furthermore, as you have to breathe deeply during the chanting, you come to manage your Pranayama.


All this allows you to learn to connect deeply with your inner Self.


Good Listening!

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